Project Roots is a space for creating a true, real, authentic, softer and more natural life.

One where we can be ourselves, embrace all aspects of ourselves and live in a more peaceful and honest way.  In a way that is sustainable for ourselves, our community and the planet.  Where we can let go of pretense, come back to presence and love and nurture what makes us human and what allows us to grow.

Life isn’t always about pixies and fairy-dust, but it also doesn’t need to be as hard as it feels at times.  By visiting Project Roots, for a day, week or month you find a place where you can let go of the things no longer serving you, honour your humanness and create foundations you can not only grow from, but flourish from, in this crazy-ass World!

We are a community that honors and nurtures itself and the planet and is as Eco and self-sustaining as possible.  We will be growing most of our own produce, reuse most of our own waste, run workshops, retreats and training’s and live a simple, true and peaceful life in the mountains of central Portugal.

Check out our next event ‘Being’ here.

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