It’s been a life long dream to create an Eco and self-sufficient community/retreat/training centre somewhere in the World.  What I hadn’t banked on was it being in Portugal.  But, as soon as I visited Portugal again in 2017 (after many years of being away) I totally feel in love with the place and knew it had to be here.

Many times, in my life I have struggled sooo very much with the ‘real’ World and wanted to hide away in a bubble somewhere and I know I am not the only one.  I am not creating Project Roots as a way of escaping life’s craziness but as a way to live more in keeping with what fills me up, energises me, makes me feel passionate and allows me to live more in harmony with my own needs, desires and truth.

I hope to create a space where others can explore what matters to them, can be who they came here to be and can live their own truth too.

Having suffered from a whole host of health conditions over my life, including sever depression, I realise that chasing happiness never, ever made me happy.  It was only in accepting all the different parts of me (especially the parts we are taught not to like) that I finally ‘found’ my happy!

Happiness in my eyes does not come from thinking positive thoughts, distracting ourselves from our thinking and/or affirmations.  For me, happiness comes when we accept all that makes us human.  When we allow the doubts, fears, anxiety, sadness and anger and when we stop fighting what makes us, us.  When we allow our humanness we pass through the struggles a little easier and find the gifts and the growth from them sooner.

Here at Project Roots we hope we create a space where others can explore the depths of there being, learn to accept what makes them, them and create strong foundations for living a truer, happier and healthier life.

If you want to find out more about me and what I have been doing with my life up until now you can check out my website here.

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