Here at Project Roots we love to forage… even if we don’t come back with anything, just the searching, rummaging through the undergrowth and learning from nature is a BIG buzz for us.  The food for free bit is just a bonus really.

However we don’t know much about mushrooms, in fact they can be a little scary, as there are so many that could potentially harm you.  But, we have started learning from a local mushroom guide running a regular group here in the area and from any other source we can find.  Who knew there were sooooo many different types, colours, even smells to mushrooms.  Some like to grow in dead wood, some up trees and others like to hide in the undergrowth.  It’s like being a kid again looking for and learning from them.

I wanted to share with you some of the many dozens of types of mushrooms we have been finding on our own land here and all over the mountain that Project Roots resides on, so here they are!

During our Reconnection Retreats we won’t be foraging for mushrooms (it’ll be the wrong time of year for most of them then), but we will be foraging for many other things, like herbs, fruits and vegetables.  And, not only will we forage together on our daily walks but we’ll then use the foraged foods to make meals, snacks, drinks and even ferments together.

These retreats will not only assit you to heal your mind, but your body and soul too.  We’ll connect back to what’s important and see how incredibly powerful this simple way of being is.

The Reconnection Retreat is all about connecting back to health, self and life and giving you the tools to do this once you return home too, not just whilst you are here.

Don’t forget from spring until autumn we are looking for volunteers, especially people that can work the land/gardens/build etc and throughout the year we will be running our own retreats and open for others to book the space to run theirs too.  Check out our volunteer page here and our events page here.

To find out more about this amazing mountain we live on and especially the village we live next too, check out this website here.

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