We are a little bit in love with Monsanto (Holy Mountain), which is a short drive from us here in Portugal.  It’s a simply stunning place to visit with 360 views for many, many miles of the Portuguese countryside.  One of it’s many claims to fame is that it was named the most Portuguese village in Portugal some years back.  I’m not sure about that, but it’s certainly well worth a visit.

There are many huge boulders scattered about on top of the mountain and people have built homes, restaurants and animals shelters in-between them.  There is also an old fortress at the very top and you can walk along it’s battlements and let you mind wander to what once went on there.

The best times to visit is sunrise or sunset, when you can get uninterrupted views of these glorious times of day and really take in this mountain magic.

I wanted to share some pictures with you of this amazing place as inspiration for a visit here, maybe when you come to visit us too?

Don’t forget from spring until autumn we are looking for volunteers, especially people that can work the land/gardens/build etc and throughout the year we will be running our own retreats and open for others to book the space to run theirs too.  Check out our volunteer page here and our events page here.

To find out more about this amazing mountain, check out this website here.

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