Yesterday we took another amazing visit up the Serra da Estrela, which happens to be not all that far from us.  This is quite a result for the hiker in me (Faith Canter) and I intend to explore much more of this mountain range over the coming years.

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in Portugal. And includes the highest point of mainland Portugal, the Torre, at 1993 meters above sea level.

It can be glorious sunshine (as it was yesterday) down on the ground and you drive 20 mins up to the top and find yourself in the middle of a blizzard, as we did.  Where we then seemed to find ourselves in the middle a bunch of crazy-ass people doing crazy-ass maneuvers in the middle of quite dangerous places.

That aside, once we decided to depart the blizzard and drive a few mins down the mountain again we were blessed with some of natures finest views and waterfalls.

Nature always has a way of humbling, nourishing, nurturing and giving you just want you need when you need it, even if you are sometimes not aware enough to realise this at the time.

Some parts of this mountain range are very barren and other parts are so incredibly lush, but all parts are stunning and humbling (especially the blizzard parts ha).

You can be sunbathing and swimming one min here and skiing and snowboarding the next!  This is one of the many reason’s I love Portugal so much, there is so much to do, whatever you are in to, you’ll find it here.

I wanted to share some pictures with you of this amazing place as inspiration for a visit here, maybe when you come to visit us too?

Don’t forget from spring until autumn we are looking for volunteers, especially people that can work the land/gardens/build etc and throughout the year we will be running our own retreats and open for others to book the space to run theirs too.  Check out our volunteer page here and our events page here.

To find out more about this amazing mountains range, check out Visit Portugal, here.


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