From spring until autumn we are looking for volunteers, especially people that can work the land/gardens/build etc and throughout the year we will be running our own retreats and open for others to book the space to run theirs too.  Check out our volunteer page here and our events page here.

To find out more about this wonderful wee gem called Penamacor, click here.  

Penamacor is situated in the middle of a natural reserve and although called a mountain town is only actually 550 meters high, but because everything around it is flat it does strike quite a dramatic cord towering over everything else.  

It boasts the remains of a castle, some beautiful churches and gardens and a lovely town square with lots of nice places to eat and drink whilst the sunsets around you.  And, for those missing there UK fix, there is a burger bar called JCJ’s there that serves meat and veggie burgers over the weekend.  

It’s a really lovely, local, authentic place to visit whilst you visit us! ;0) 

Penamacor is a beautiful mountain town situated only 20 minuets away from us here at Project Roots, so it is somewhere we visit regularly.  It is also not far from the Spanish boarder, so if we take a trip over to Spain we always give it a wave on the way past.  

You can see the highest mountain range in Portugal, the Estrela in one direction and Monsanto (we recently wrote a blog about this amazing place here) in the other direction.  

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