We recently had the pleasure of joining the The Blue Wanderer on a walking tour around the amazing mountain town of Covilha (the otwn of wool and snow).  This town sits at the base of the Serra da Estrela, which is the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal and only 40 mins away from us here at Project Roots. 

We have visited Covilha many times as it has a large selection of shops and an even larger industrial zone too.  Then, further up the mountain side is the old town of Covilha, which is really beautiful in more ways than one.  We knew there were a few murals dotted around the place but we had no idea quite how many.  This is a town well worth exploring, even for that alone!

Covilha sits between 450 and 800 metres (1,476 and 2,624 feet) above sea level and has just under 52,000 people living there.  It’s been many things, including a shelter for shepherds, a Roman fortress and textile hub.  These days it draws many tourists interested in it’s culture, views, skiing in the mountains above it and it’s sunshine and beauty.  

I wanted to share some pictures with you of this amazing place as inspiration for a visit here, maybe when you come to visit us too?

Don’t forget from spring until autumn we are looking for volunteers, especially people that can work the land/gardens/build etc and throughout the year we will be running our own retreats and open for others to book the space to run theirs too.  Check out our volunteer page here and our events page here.

To find out more about this amazing place here

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