We wanted to introduce you to our Life Essence’s.  These are the same as flower essence’s life Bach and such like, however they are all made with plants/flowers/trees/herbs etc from our land or the lands surrounding it.  We have foraged for and produced these beautiful blends with the Portuguese sun and plenty of love.

We currently have six bottled (30ml) blends for you to use and about straight Life Essence’s, so we can make blends to order if you don’t find a blend that resonates with you.

Here are our current blends:

Resilience – For those wishing to build resilience or going through a draining time.  This blend contains; Mullein, creeping thistle, scotch broom, viper bugloss, chamomile, rock rose, prickly pear & oak.

Boundaries – For those wishing to explore healthy boundaries in all areas of their life.  This blend contains; lavender, vipers bugloss, eucalyptus, mimosa, fumitory, pine & rock rose.

Heart Opening – For those wishing to explore living a life more open, with less barriers/walls and doubts.  This blend contains; lavender, gorse, oleander, fox glove, heather, weeping willow, bramble & lupin.

Trust – For those wishing to learn to trust in themselves and life, living more in flow & abundance.  This blend contains; gorse, weeping willow, mullein, mimosa, eucalyptus, st johns wort & rose.

Freedom – For those wishing to let go of their shackles, their reasons why & could not.  This blend contains; moss, oak, scotch broom, lemon leaf, immortelle, creeping thistle, datura, white rose & prickly pear.

Lightness – For those wishing to live lighter and happier lives, with more ease, peace and fun.  This blend contains; white rose, oleander, moss, scotch broom, mimosa, fumitory, lemon leaf, gorse & weeping willow.

You simply add a few drops of your chose blend to your drinks whenever you feel drawn to do so.  You cannot overdose on these essence’s, so can take a little or as much as you like whenever you need.

These blends are captured in part Portuguese spring water and part brandy.  However if you would prefer not to consume alcohol you can add them to boiling water/teas/drinks and the alcohol will evaporate.

These blends are €8.00 each or if you invest in all six then you get them for the price of five, so that’s €40.00 instead of €48.00 (plus postage).


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