Watch this space for updates on Project Roots, how to live more naturally, real and open and how to be true to you!

Here at Project Roots we are attempting to embrace our humanness and live more in harmony with our own thoughts, bodies, community and planet.

We haven’t got ‘it’ sorted, but we are living in a much less conflicted space and wish to share this with others.

Here you will find real people posting about real life, whilst being true to you, but most of all to us!


Magical Mushrooms of the Mountain

Here at Project Roots we love to forage... even if we don't come back with anything, just the searching, rummaging through the undergrowth and learning from nature is a BIG buzz for us.  The food for free bit is just a bonus really. ...

Monsanto Portugal – Holy Mountain

We are a little bit in love with Monsanto (Holy Mountain), which is a short drive from us here in Portugal.  It's a simply stunning place to visit with 360 views for many, many miles of the Portuguese countryside.  One of it's many claims to fame is that...

Serra da Estrela Mountain Range

Yesterday we took another amazing visit up the Serra da Estrela, which happens to be not all that far from us.  This is quite a result for the hiker in me (Faith Canter) and I intend to explore much more of this mountain range over the coming years. Serra...

The First Blog Post

It’s been a life long dream to create an Eco and self-sufficient community/retreat/training centre somewhere in the World.  What I hadn’t banked on was it being in Portugal.  But, as soon as I visited Portugal again in 2017 (after many years of being away) I totally...

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