Here at Project Roots we are aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible and one of our many ways of achieving this is by planting as many herbs, plants and trees as possible that we can eat from and share with others.  Or that supply cover and nutrients to other herbs and plants underneath them.

Our current project is to plant more fruit and nut trees on the land and we’d really appreciate any help you could give us with this.  We’d like to invite you to come and volunteer planting them (and general assistance within the gardens/on the land), to gift a tree to someone else or gift one to yourself.

When you gift trees we’d really love it if you name the tree(s) you gift and we’ll be sure to hang a wee sign in the tree with whatever name (or intention) you wish to bestow on that tree.


Tree Size

Please add a message at the checkout stage of the PayPal payment with the name or intention of the tree(s) you sponsor.

We’ll make sure to leave regular updates over on our social media platforms of the trees and gardens progress, as they grow and develop.

Thank you so much for you support, from all at Project Roots

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